getting away from home :: a good thing

I have become a total home-body.  It probably started when the boy and I got married (2002) and I started nesting.  It was the first time (since leaving my parents’ house for college) that I had a fairly permanent living situation and a place to call my own (or at least half of it) and I could do as I pleased and really make ourselves a home.  And except for brief moments of obsessive insanity in which I stress over the all imperfections, I love our home.

With all that said it is good to get out of town and get away from home every once in awhile.  We don’t travel frequently, but enough.  Every January we got to Utah to ski, we spend a few weekends at the beach during the summer and once or twice a year I get up to NYC to visit my old friends and old hangouts.

I love experiencing new places, towns and people, culture, food and architecture.  But even if it’s a place we’ve been to a hundred times, like the beach, I still enjoy getting away from the everyday at home.  It gives me a new perspective.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been constantly working on our current house to get it ready to be put on the market, so my planned trip to NYC this weekend is a welcome break from house stuff.


I’ve been eyeing up these new Moleskine City Books for awhile now.  I’ve checked out a few of the cities at the bookstore and they look really interesting.  Here’s the description from one of my favorite ‘planner’ shops, The Daily Planner:

The new Moleskine City Notebooks are ideal for those who travel,
whether to see the sights or for work, as a way of organizing your trip
and to preserve it for your memory and your records. Perfect for those
who live there, as a way of organizing the things they know and need
about the city they live in. Each notebook has an elastic closure, 228
pages, with up to 44 pages in colors and have a sewn binding. There is
an inside accordion pocket and three ribbon place markers, each in a
different color.

There are currently books for Boston, London, New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco and DC.

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