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Between my allergies and not getting enough exercise, it takes all my strength sometimes to not collapse on the couch when I get home from work.  I hate feeling like that.  Since I get to spend so little time at home as it is and there are so many things I want to do there like cook, decorate and just spend time with the boy, it can be really frustrating to feel so tired.  The more I read, the more I find that everything I eat either helps or hinders my energy levels.  The one aspect of my health I am always trying to improve is my diet.
I think we get into patterns of eating that are sometimes unhealthy but
with the overly busy lives that we lead, thinking about every single
thing that we put into our mouths gets relegated to the bottom of the
priority list.

Via Soule Mama, I found out about Gluten-Free Girl, the blog and book.  I identified with Shauna’s struggle to find out what was making her sick.  In a much minor, less life-threatening way, I have struggled with skin problems for years and had to find out on my own that my diet played a much bigger part in it then I had ever thought or that I had ever been told by a medical professional.  Shauna has Celiac disease which is a ‘genetic intolerance for gluten-the elastic protein in wheat, rye, barley, triticale, kamut and spelt’ and can damage the small intestine for years.  Gluten is found in so many of our foods today.  Celiac disease is the most under-diagnosed disorder in the US. 

I am pretty sure that I don’t have Celiac disease, but this book has just reinforced many of the things I have read about nutrition over the years.  I find myself more aware of what I put in my body.  I should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, quality natural ingredients, poultry and meat without antibiotics and as little processed and manufactured food as possible.  Shauna describes her discovery wonderful foods like good olive oils and fine chocolate and I enjoyed reading about food in that way.  There are delicious sounding recipes like Curried Carrot Soup.  You can find a ton of recipes on her blog.

I encourage anyone who has persistent health problems or is just tired all the time to look closely at what they eat everyday.   And if thankfully you are not sick nor tired, think of how much more productive you would be running on the right type of fuel.  Even if you do not have Celiac disease, Gluten-Free Girl is a great book about putting good food in our bodies, food that loves us back.

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