good book :: Let’s Get Comfortable: How to furnish and decorate a welcoming home By Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

For a long time I have been a huge fan of MG and BW’s furniture and classic style.  I think this book appeals to many different tastes because their pieces are so versatile and definitely gives both great inspiration and practical space planning solutions for home.  There are tips on finding your own comfort at home, how pieces of furniture affect a room, a "stressless way to discover which furnishings you like", furniture arranging and mixing furniture, colors and textures.

Some quick highlights…

"Making people feel at home begins at the front door.  Much more than a pass-through, the entry sets the comfortable tone for your home." (pg. 36)

"Think of it as collecting, rather than decorating.  Surround yourself with pieces you love." (pg. 75)

"Imagine Your Rooms Naked…Comfort comes not only from the right furniture but also from furniture properly placed."



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