handmade NATION – the movie


Something really worth watching from YouTube.  An 8 minute sneak peek of the upcoming handmade NATION movie.  I can’t wait to see the whole documentary.  You can also visit www.indiecraftdocumentary.com for more info.

I think there is a potential and very interesting correlation between the rise of diy and craft with the increased enthusiasm for things having to do with domestic life: cooking, sewing and general homemaking and/or homekeeping.  Where people had become so focused outward, I think there has been a realization that the important things in life are closest to you, at home, with family and friends, in your circle.  Maybe the things we create and do within that circle are what give us the most satisfaction?  But then also being able to share it with the world is great too.

There is a great flickr group called the new domesticity, a place where the younger generations can post photos of what ‘our’ version of what domesticity looks like.  Some photos are timeless.  Some are not.  Interesting…

Thanks to Blogue Fonetik for posting about the documentary.

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