hello from dublin and munich and miss you!

First off, I wanted to thank all of you for your comments and emails.  You don’t know how much  I appreciate it.  And I am looking forward to getting back home and settled and back in regular blogging!  And I can’t wait to catch up on everyone else’s blogs.  Hugs and best to you all!

Here’s a quick, spontaneous email that I sent to a few friends and family to update them…

It’s rained pretty much every day since we arrived in Germany.  Today, the worst. 
We went to Dachau Concentration Camp.  There was an American GI there, now 81
years old, who was 19 when the troops arrived to liberate the camp after the
war.  He spoke briefly.   He said he probably would not have come back to Dachau
but they are doing a documentary about his life, one of the last surviving WWII
veterans.  We all cried. 

Oktoberfest is fun.  But we are having hard time getting into the tents,
especially today since it was raining and all the outside tables were closed. 
We will try tomorrow.  Munich is beautiful.  Probably won’t get to Salzburg or
anything like that, but we’ve gotten to see a lot of the city.  We love it. 
Carl talks about getting his client Werner to get him a job here.  It would be
fun to live here for a year or two.  We are more motivated to learn German now. 
The food is great.  But we love that kind of stuff.  I think other people get
easily sick of bratwurst.  Not us.  We met a Finnish guy, some Belgians, some guys from Delaware and there were Italians at our
table at the Hofbrauhaus.  Oktoberfest is very international.
Kim’s friend Kevin is coming in tonight so we are going to go to a
restaurant to try to have some traditional Bavarian food.  We haven’t sat down
at a restaurant since we have been here.  Sooo expensive.  And you can get yummy
rostbratwurst for less than 3 euros at the Viktualienmarkt, an open market in
the old centre of the city.  The Glockenspiel is under restoration but we did
get to see it; most of the tower is covered in scaffolding.  I love the
architecture here. The old versus the new modern stuff.  Lots of thos tiny
little smart cars around.  We went to the Schloss (palace) Nymphenburg.  Huge
and beautiful.  Under restoration withscaffolding.  If the weather is nice on
Sunday we will try to take a tour  by train and bike of the fairytale castles. 
We’ll see.
with love,
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