hello there.

Has it really been almost two weeks?  Would someone please tell me where the time goes?  I have been using up most of my energy these days at work.  I have never been so busy and it comes at the worst time of the year, during the holidays.  It is a wonder that I had the presence of mind to decide to NOT host Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I am sure I would have been pulling 'all-nighters' just to get dinner on the table.  And that is definitely NOT the way to host family and friends.  I am barely motivated to even decorate for Christmas, which is really sad to me.

But isn't it SO much an issue of mind over matter?  Gratitude leads to Joy.  Gratitude leads to Joy.  I have seen this at least twice over the past couple of weeks and take it as a sign to stop for a minute and get a new perspective.  I have gratitude for my job.  I have gratitude for my job.  And the lessons I am learning now will be priceless in the future.  I am thankful, therefore I am joyful.


Just one quiet moment in my very own space at home.  I love the morning sun this time of year.


The sunday before Thanksgiving I did take some time out to climb up the mountain with the boy to scope out his hunting spot near the Appalachian Trail.  Fresh Berks County, PA air is good thing for ones disposition.

And in protest of a busy, hurried life, this weekend I will hibernate at home, work on drawings for a renovation project that the boy and I have undertaken and put up some Christmas decorations.  I might even enjoy some spiked egg nog.  It's the little things, like spending time at home and hanging stockings that make me feel a bit more centered when everything else feels like it is out of control.

Any thoughts?

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