hiatus part two


Can you believe it's autumn (at least here in the northern hemisphere)?  Where does the time go?  I hope for any of you that still have this blog in your feed and get to read this that you are doing well.  I just wanted to come out of hiding for a moment to say 'hello'.

That small orange bump you see in the bottom of the photo above is going to be our special delivery on or around April 15, 2010.  I am about 16 weeks along and feeling fine.  Still a bit nauseous and still quite tired, like my dial is turned down and the knob broke off.  I lost a bit of weight in my 1st trimester so I am still fitting into a lot of my regular clothes but I did wear my first pair of maternity jeans on Sunday.  Boy are they saggy and I don't think a bigger belly is going to help.

My long term plan for the blog: This blog is most likely going to stay on hiatus until next year sometime.  My goal is to 're-launch' it once I get happy living Design, LLC up and running officially, sometime after the baby arrives.  I say 'sometime' and use it loosely.  I have a lot of the groundwork set, like my architect's license, my business license, but there is a lot left to be done.  A lot.  There will be a new design, some sort of portfolio, the blog of course and some other fun stuff.

In the meantime, all the old happy living Blog stuff will stay here and you can find me intermittently posting over here at price street.  It's a more personal blog (it's been mostly hidden for awhile) but I am opening it up.  There's no defining it, really.  It's just what I feel like posting on any given day: home, design/decorating, photos, chatter, being pregnant!.  If you feel like coming over to say hello, I would love that.  

All my best,


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