hidden places in a big city

"IMAGINE living on a quiet street lined with postcard-perfect historic
houses, a street so secluded that it is unmarred by honking cars and
casual pedestrians.

Now imagine being able to do that in the heart of New York City
— just steps away from the bedlam of its sights and sounds, and yet at
the same time worlds away from it in sense and sensibility.

of this tranquillity exist across the city in mews and alleys that can
be easily missed by passers-by. Some are purposely hidden behind locked
gates and some have nothing more imposing than a sign that reads
“Dead-End Street".”

I want to live at the house with the red door!  Check out  the slide show for the article.

via ArchitectureWeek via NYTimes

images by Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times

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