House Enthusiast :: An online design magazine

Katie Hutchison, an architect from Salem, MA emailed me several weeks ago to tell me about her online design magazine called House Enthusiast.  I was immediately hooked, inspired and thought I should tell you about it.

Katie Hutchison Studio "promotes meaningful architecture and design".  She’s an architect after my own heart, so to speak.  And for anyone thinking of renovation, adding on or building a new home, she’ll be a great resource.  From how to spend your construction dollars wisely to how to add a garage on to a 60’s ranch house, you’ll get a professional viewpoint with true sensibility.

Check out the Letter from the Architect.  If you’re unsure what the difference is between an Architect and other ‘designers’, Katie explains it well, I think.

You may have seen her Manchester Garage/Garden Room in Cottage Living (Sept. 2006).


(photos from Katie Hutchison Studio)

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