house guests

Gt02septmsl_waterpitcher_xl We are getting ready for weekend house guests. We live in a 3 bedroom house but right now the boy and I have the two extra bedrooms taken over by office functions so we do not have a formal guest room.  This works fine for us since, with the exception of my SIL, our family lives within driving distance as do most of our friends and the ones who live more than a hour away come to visit maybe twice a year if even that.  We decided that we’ll surrender our beloved sleep number bed for one night and camp out on the futon in the family room.  My friend is prego and there is no way I would subject her to a night on that wafer.  As you may recall I have been shopping for a futon replacement.  We have gone back and forth about whether or not to get a sleeper sofa, but for our limited guest accomodation needs I can’t see spending all the extra money for one and haven’t been happy with the choices.  I am picky enough.  Jeez.  Once the futon is gone (and I can’t wait for the day) we will use an aero bed.  I’ve slept on them enough times to know they are great for a weekend stay and very easy to set up, break down and store.  I just picked one up a a great discount at smart bargains

There are lots of web resources suggesting ways to prepare ones home for guests and ways to make guests feel more comfortable.  My main concerns are always that house is clean, especially the bathrooms and the bed has clean sheets on it.  I also like to make sure I have food staples on hand and some healthy snacks too.  Luckily my friends and I are pretty down to earth so you won’t find me making up spa baskets or tieing my guest towels with linen ribbon.  I did like the idea pictured (idea and picture from Martha Stewart) above of a way to put out some drinking water if you don’t have a carafe.  Use two different sized drinking glasses like a DOF and a highball.  Simple and thoughtful.  When friends and family come to stay, it should be about the time spent together catching up and less about whether your guest accomodations rival the Four Seasons’.  I think.


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