house plants for a healthy home

This year for Valentine’s Day I asked C. to buy me an orchid.  They are just outright gorgeous, but I have a practical motive as well.

House plants have been found to drastically improve indoor air-quality because of the oxygen they produce and the indoor air pollutants that they absorb.  Orchids are one type of plant that produces even more oxygen at night, making the bedroom a perfect place for one.  Since your body regenerates itself at night while you sleep, what better way to aid in that process by having a beautiful orchid suck the yucky stuff up and replace it with clean oxygen.

Other house plants that produce more oxygen at night are: snake plants, bromeliads and aloe.  These plants have been shown to remove large quantities of pollutants like formaldehyde (found in furniture and carpet adhesives): Chinese evergreen, dracaena, golden
pothos, Norfolk Island pine, red emerald philodendron, spider plant,
schefflera and snake plants.  Just be sure to take good care of them.  You don’t want to breed mold or mites.

The 2007 International Longwood Gardens Orchid Show and Sale is March 30, 31 and April 1.

I am partial to these (photos from


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