I am thankful…

…that you keep coming back.  It has been 13 days since I last posted.  I have been a bit under the weather lately.  So thanks for hanging in there with me and 'hello' to some of the new people who have stopped by in mini absence.


I never officially posted about the spending hiatus wrap-up.  I feel like I am in spending hiatus 'lite' mode.  I have purchased a few things but nothing that could be considered a clear-cut non-essential.  So much gray area there!  We have a couple of circumstances that have come up since the official end of TSH so TSH 'lite' will probably continue for the foreseeable future and I feel ok with it.  Maybe TSH 'lite' isn't really a spending hiatus at all.  Maybe it's my new perspective.

I did some spring cleaning of my closet over the past couple of weeks and have a few things that I might list on ebay.  I will let you know when they are up.  We have an SUV load of stuff to go to the Salvation Army.  And probably more that should! 

Our bedroom has been without trim (baseboard and door casing) for over a year.  So we are gearing up to finish the overhaul of that room in late spring.  I finally picked colors too.


I really enjoyed reading each of your comments about spring cleaning.  So many good ideas and thoughts.  I plan to go back and read them again!

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