[IN]PLACE System

I like trying to find ways to be more organized and efficient.  But I can also be easily sucked into a new system and a new set of products.  I will keep the system going for awhile but then usually find that it just doesn't work for me and it falls to the way side and sometimes I've wasted money.  After many cycles of that I cut myself off from buying any organizing products (i.e. desk organizers, electronics, planners, fancy filing products, etc…). 

Inplacesystem copy

However, I keep seeing these advertisements for Peter Walsh's new [IN]PLACE System for Office Max and I finally checked out the website and I am totally intrigued.  I love the simple clear white plastic material that most of the products are made out of, the white hanging file folders (Goodbye, yukko army green!) and how all the products work together but seem flexible enough to work separately or in ways unique to your needs.  The file folders and tabs are reusable which is an eco-friendly plus in my book.

I might run to OM this weekend and check all the products out in person.

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