inspiration boards

I've come to the not-so-profound conclusion that everyone should have an inspiration board at home (and work too!).  As I set up my home office, that was one of my big to-do's: to get a tack board not for any practical purpose, just to hang random things up.  And I as find bits and pieces to go on my board, I have become really interested in seeing what everyone else has on theirs on the flickr inspiration boards group.  You can tell a lot about a person based on what they like to look at.  The photos below are from random flickr members.


And notice that they're not all boards.  There are ledges, items leaned up on tables and lattice.  IB's can go anywhere: home office, living room, bedroom, kitchen and can be for a mix of practical (like pinning up ATM receipts) and fun (a beautiful postcard you received).  Pin up reminders, love letters and cards, art, magazine clippings, recipes, sayings that inspire you.  Have one in every room.

We have three: one in my office (cork), one in our living room for pictures, cards, birthday money! (wire organizer) and one in the kitchen (magnetic) for things needed on the way out the door like paint swatches and reminders of events.



cork boards at Staples, The Container Store

recycled rubber board at The Container Store

magnetic dry erase board at

big dot magnetic board at Fred Flare

wood ledges at west elm or ikea

See How About Orange for a great tutorial about making your own fabric covered thumb tacks.

Get Three by Three Seattle Mighty Magnets at

A great DIY project:  Get one can of magnetic paint and one can of chalkboard paint and make your own board on any wall in your home.  Magnetic paint goes first.  Then paint the chalkboard paint over the magnetic paint.

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