it’s that time of year again :: Stendig & Pentagram Calendars

School’s back in, everyone’s talking about fall fashion and some leaves are already falling off the trees here in West Chester.  But this time of year is my favorite because Ken Knight gets their shipment of Stendig and Pentagram 08 calendars in and up on their website. 


I’ve been a devotee of the Pentagram in the 12X18, but am thinking of upgrading this year and going with the 36 in x 48 in Stendig.  Both great to look at.  The Stendig is larger so there is more room to write on it.  And if you’re a combination paper-organizing obsessed geek like me, the Stendig is also great for using those little colorful post-it notes which look great on the white and black backgrounds.

Use one color for each member of the family, or if you have a small family, color code your events (i.e. personal, work, birthdays, vacation, etc.).

Oh and don’t forget about the beautiful Herman Yu calendars.  I will end up with a calendar in every room!

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