karin eriksson :: ceramics

Tomorrow the happy living Blog celebrates it’s first birthday.  I won’t reminisce since I already did that when I posted my 200th post (whew!).  But since I got a nice bonus at work and had an occasion to celebrate, I finally purchased a piece of Karin Eriksson’s ceramics.  If you have yet to check out her work you just have to go right over here and look


Karin has a new venture coming soon called Manos.  I cannot wait to see what other yumminess she has in store for us. (techie note:  it doesn’t look like the Manos website is up and running yet.  check back soon!)

Things in blogland have been slow for me because some things are happening in other lands for me…good things, but they are zapping my time and energy some days.

BUT.  I am starting a post series called Renovate!, so stay tuned.  OK, I am off to put dinner together.  There is a hungry boy coming home in 35 minutes.

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