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I received a package from the lovely Melissa at Kitchen and Bath Business last week. I have read the K+BB magazine before, but have never been on their website.

Over 6 million kitchens were renovated last year in the US and almost the same amount of bathrooms.  Whether you live in a house or an apartment, chances are you will do some kind of improvement to one of these two rooms in your home at least once in your lifetime, if not several times.  Whether your project entails changing a leaky faucet or a complete kitchen renovation, the choices are endless and sometime overwhelming.

Why not get your info right from the horse’s mouth.  K+BB is geared towards those in the design and construction industries, but these types of publications and websites are great places for homeowners to get the best and latest information on products and services.  I think it’s a good starting point if you are thinking about a kitchen or bath project.  Check out the buyers guide to search specific products and the projects area for inspiration. 

I have seen some refreshing and unique projects highlighted in K+BB.  This one at left is a bathroom renovation where the designer used a genuine antique medical artifact from Twenty Gauge as the cabinetry.  I love that!

Also check out their newly launched website K+BB Green – the business of building eco-friendly kitchens and baths.

Most of us spend so much time in our kitchens, that it is a great room to start thinking ‘green’ in.

(images from K+BB)

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