kitchen windows

Some of us spend a lot of time looking through our kitchen windows while washing dishes or cooking or dicing.  Shouldn’t they be pretty on the inside regardless of how pretty ones view of the outside is?  Here are some of my favorite kitchen windows from flickr.  And I am going home tonight to rearrange my window sill!


1. Kitchen Window, 2. My kitchen window, 3. kerry loves her kitchen window, 4. Kitchen Window, 5. kitchen window, 6. Daisies in my Kitchen Window, 7. Kitchen Window with Onion Stems, 8. Kitchen Window, 9. May kitchen window, 10. The kitchen window, 11. Our Kitchen Window, 12. Kitchen windows, 13. kitchen window, 14. Daisies in my kitchen window, 15. through my kitchen window, 16. kitchen window sill, 17. My Kitchen Window 2007-03-05, 18. Kitchen window, 19. grandma’s kitchen window, 20. window in my kitchen, 21. My kitchen window sill, 22. View from kitchen window 1, 23. Kitchen Window, 24. Kitchen Window, 25. View from the kitchen window, 26. Kitchen Window, 27. Kitchen Window 2007-03-02, 28. Kitchen window, 29. Helen’s kitchen window, 30. Kitchen Window, 31. kitchen window, 32. new kitchen shelves

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