Let’s just get this Valentine’s Day thing over with…

I am not against Valentine’s Day.  Actually, I use it to demand high-priced-but-worth-it chocolate truffles in assorted flavors from our local chocolatier.  And since every year the holidays come and go and I don’t get around to sending out Christmas or New Years cards I end up sending Valentine’s Day cards instead.  And growing up I was lucky to have the best dad in the world who made my mom share her dozen roses with me (we each got 6, sorry mom!) so I always felt loved even if I didn’t have Matt Damon take me for a champagne brunch balloon ride.  Who eats brunch and drinks champagne 10,000 feet off the ground in the middle of February anyway?  Make V-Day something special, but love the people in your life every day of the year.  Don’t wait for Hallmark or Teleflora to remind you to do it.

If you are celebrating and are looking for some unique and fun ideas, I chuckled at some of the suggestions in Jonathan Adler’s gift guide.


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