mini moderns

I don’t post that much about kids and kid stuff, but I have an expecting bff and am absorbing lots of fun sites and links.  Keith from Absolute Zero Degrees emailed me back in the fall about mini moderns.  Today I just noticed some new to me wallpapers that I love.  On a personal note, my first bedroom in my parents house was yellow and had an accent wallpapered wall.  When my brother was born (I was 4 at the time) I moved to another room.  Can you believe I still remember the wallpaper in that yellow room.  I am sure I can dig up a picture of it.  It had yellow, orange and green colored pull toys on it.  So I think something graphic in a baby or child’s room can have a great impact on their memory and understanding of colors and shapes.





The architect geek in me is partial to the "Do you live in a Town" wallpaper.  That milk chocolate would go amazing with so many other colors.  I also think all of the wallpapers above are timeless and could be used in a baby’s room all the way up to a teenager’s room.  What do you think?  Also, don’t miss the other mini modern stuff like the cute plates and bowls.

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