mixing old and new…not furniture, but dishes?

I don’t know why, but as soon as I started to care about decorating and design, I have been enthralled and even obsessed over china (dinnerware), pottery and glass.  Even before I moved out of my parents’ house (and had money) I started buying things like serving platters, butter dishes and champagne flutes (which are still in their attic).


We registered for china, like all good engaged couples do.  Of course most of our local stores didn’t have the pattern I wanted, the Rosenthal Suomi White and Suomi Rangoon patterns.  Although I have been buying pieces from ebay as they become available, we don’t have a complete set.  We do, however, have a great set of Corelle, left over from the boy’s single days.


In the meantime, I’ve gotten so into Russel Wright’s dinnerware, probably since the late nineties.  Although there are some pieces that are hard to find and very expensive, you can still find many pieces on ebay at a reasonable price (and significantly less than the Rosenthal).  I have begun mixing the Rosenthal with the Russel Wright pieces together.   So, it has been fortuitous that we didn’t receive everything that we registered for, because I have been able to mix items from two different decades.  Russel Wright and Rosenthal are both timeless, I think. 


Maybe it’s called "Vintage Modern" or "Flea Market Style mixed with Mid-Century Modern".  It shouldn’t be about latching onto one named style or another.  By slowly acquiring and mixing together pieces that you love you develop your own style.  Just like mixing furniture.  And I think having beautiful things in the kitchen is just as important as any other room in the house.

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