Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and IKEA Docksta table

Never thought you’d see those words all together.  I inherited a Docksta table from my very cool brother and it needed a bit of cleaning up.  I picked up a couple of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and wholla! the table is like new again.  This may not be a light bulb moment to the rest of you, but I thought I would share.  I cannot say what a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser actually is or whether someone will find out in 10 years that they cause cancer (I am pretty sure they are considered non-toxic), but man does it work.


Yea, those are the curtains that I have been meaning to sew for like weeks.  No months. 😛

PS.  I have a new category called ‘scrubby sponge’.  That is what the boy sometimes calls me since I love to clean (Not!).  So the ‘scrubby sponge’ category will pertain to all aspects of keeping our houses clean. 

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