my obsession with the ginkgo

On most days, now that we have moved, I get to walk to work.  One of my favorite things about my walk are the few ginkgo trees that I get to walk by and under.  I do not know when it started, but at some point I took notice of ginkgo trees and have been fascinated by them ever since.  Maybe it is because you do not see them that often here in the northeast (at least not where I live).  Oaks and maples seem to dominate West Chester.  But there is something so simply beautiful about the ginkgo leaf, its shape and texture, and they turn the most perfect shades of yellow in the fall.  I can’t wait.

Bringing the outdoors into your home is an easy way to introduce color naturally with leaves, branches, stones and flowers and you will find all designers talking about it.  But even more fun are things in nature that inspire man-made decorating items  that you can use all over the house.


Sina Pearson Textiles – Ginkgo 252


The Persian Carpet, Inc. – The Ginkgo (PC-21A)


William Morris Studio – Ginkgo pendant lamp
.  Interesting how the ginkgo appears in many Arts & Crafts period items.


Ginkgo Fallen Leaves Vessel by Wawirka
, maybe a little overboard, but unique nonetheless.


Handmade Bronze Ginkgo Decorative Swithplate by Etsy seller mosaico


Yellow Ginkgo Leaf Sushi Dishes and Chopsticks Set


Silk Bound Ginkgo Guestbook by Jenni Bick Bookbinding


Falling Ginkgo Leave Limited Edition Print at Vitamin (D)esign.
  by Wolfie and the Sneak.  Yum!

And last but not least a woman/website/blog devoted to the Ginkgo, Ginkgo Dreams.

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