new girl on the weblock #2

On a more practical note…
Yep, I have joined the world of blogs.  My dad says, be careful of the crazies on the internet.  Has he ever seen the guys at Finnegans Wake on a Friday night??  This officially makes me my own boss 2% of the time.  My hope is that this will become part of being my own boss 100% of the time.

There are lots of ‘design’ blogs out there right now.  I am going to let them do what they do so well.  I will talk about design because in order to talk about architecture and about our built world you have to look at it in the context of everything else, I think: art, crafts, graphics, web, fashion, interiors, textiles, objects both useful and beautiful.  So there will be some design talk.  But I hope to touch on some other topics and issues which are close to me and where I see myself relative to being my own boss 100% of the time: in general, helping people be happy with their homes (and work spaces).  More specifically that might include but not be limited to: curb appeal, green design, hiring help, living large but in a small space, to d.i.y. or not to d.i.y., stuff I see or am inspired by on travels, gardening and organizing.

My other hope is to change the way a lot of people see the architecture profession and architects themselves for the better and be more accessible to a wider range of people, not just the ultra-wealthy or those looking to build their 15,000 square foot dream house.  I would like to connect younger architects starting out (like myself) with clients who may not be looking to build the next Fallingwater and just need some good design advice.   

So, come on in.

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