HOME-BUYER Design Package – $750

The Home-Buyer Package is for you if you are looking to purchase a residential property and renovate it.  It will be of great value to spend some time upfront to see if the property can meet your family’s needs and is worth the renovations.  See description below.

Home-Buyer Package:

Consists of a four (4) hour meeting where I would spend no more than two hours in the potential home and then an additional two (2) hours with you either at your home or a nearby location (i.e. coffee shop) to go through your requirements for the property and the project’s feasibility.  By the end of the meeting you would have a sketch floor plan (or two, depending on size & scope) and a ball park budget.  As part of the package I will spend some additional time after our meeting to tidy up the sketch floor plan(s) and if not already provided by your real estate agent I can provide property comparisons based on your potential improvements.  You will receive paper and PDF copies of your sketch and property comparisons.
Cost: $750

**I can custom design a package specially tailored to your home-buying needs and/or work with you on an hourly basis. Drop me a line.



I have my PA Real Estate Salesperson license but I do not actively represent buyers or sellers in residential transactions.  I use my real estate knowledge and access to add more value to your property and renovation evaluation.  If you are looking for a residential agent (in the Philadelphia area) I can refer you to a few.  Drop me a line.

Home inspections – On a hourly basis I can walk through a potential home with you to generally evaluate its integrity and point out potential defects but I do not provide official home inspections (now almost always required when looking to secure a mortgage).


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