HALF DAY Design Package – $900

HALF DAY Design Package (Residential) Cost: $900

• Three (3) hour design visit at your home
• Typically for projects over one floor that may or may not include an addition
:: SURVEY & EXISTING CONDITIONS SKETCH – If you do not already have scaled plans and elevations of your home, I will measure the areas of your home that your proposed project impacts and create a sketch plan of the existing conditions.
:: YOUR IDEAS – We’ll review your project ideas, wish list, priorities, and everything that you have in mind for your project(s).
:: SCHEMATIC FLOOR PLAN SKETCHES – I will sketch design options for all parts of your project and discuss the concepts and sketches in detail with you, changing, revising, and adding as we go. The end goal is for you to have a solid concept sketch that will enable you to see how the renovations will come together and also begin discussions with a contractor to obtain preliminary pricing. Following the design session, I will borrow your sketches, do some final finessing and updating, and send them back to you. I will also include a Scope of Work document that describes the work proposed and an Allowances budget worksheet for all of the items that you will need to pick out.
:: NEXT STEPS – During our design visit I can discuss the possible next steps that you can take in order to move your project forward. These next steps vary widely depending on your budget, type of project, and need for final design, documentation, and construction drawings. When I return your design sketches I will list your NEXT STEPS (based on our discussion at your design visit) and provide pricing for each step. My ultimate goal is that this visit inspires you, creates momentum for your project, and enables you to move forward with a project that is right for you, your family, your home, AND your budget.

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