painting & paint colors

We’ve painted and installed hardwood floors in two of our upstairs rooms, but the rest of the house is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.  Finding the time to tackle the projects is difficult enough.  And although I can pick colors for other people in a flash and feel confident about them, choosing colors for my own home takes  f o r e v e r !

Yellow Blue

When I consider colors I am always intrigued by the way different colors make you feel.  I think I’ve decided on a light blue for our kitchen (and a more neutral but warm sand or ‘blonde’ color for our living room to brighten it up a bit).  Orange is known to stimulate appetite while on the other hand blue decreases appetite.  Possibly good for dieting or those who struggle with healthy eating?

Benjamin Moore has a great summary of the feelings and moods that different colors evoke.  I would call these general guidelines, but very helpful.  BM and Sherwin Williams have thousands of colors to choose from and subtle differences in colors that appear to be the same can have very different effects on a room.

When choosing paint colors I highly recommend giving yourself enough time. Don’t rush.  Get sample pots or packets (both available from Benjamin Moore retailers) and paint a swatch about 3′ x 3′ on the wall.  Leave it for a few days so you can see what it looks like in different light and at different times of the day.  Carry a paint swatch around with you and look at it as well.  But don’t be afraid to trust yourself and just go with it, because you can always paint over it if it’s not exactly what you want.

(both photos from Benjamin Moore)

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