the weekend AND plan & organize your garden with a garden Keeper

w e e k e n d  =
dining with friends and family
container gardening
eating breakfast out
watching the race
more studying
simple baking
slowed cooked pork on the grill


o r g a n i z e  t h e  g a r d e n

You didn’t hear it here first: garden Keeper.  I got the idea from this product from the The GardenKeeper Company.  But call it whatever you like: garden journal, garden organizer, garden book, garden planner.  The actual GardenKeeper is $34.95.  Very cute, compact and seems very useful. 

On the cheap: I just bought a binder from staples, some plastic protector sheets and some stick on tabs and made one myself.  I collected all the things I’ve torn out of magazines (my favorites are the gardens featured in Cottage Living) or printed from the internet, along with catalogs and forms I got from You Grow Girl and organized them in the binder.

My tabs (loosely based on the The GardenKeeper):

  • Basics (info on climate, soil nutrition, maintenance, weed, disease & pest control, glossary, etc.)
  • Plot (planning & plotting ideas for my garden, drawings, plans and recommended plant lists)
  • Plant Lists (like a reference and wish list of various types of plants and shrubs)
  • My Plants (actual plants, trees and shrubs that we have in our garden and care instructions)
  • Tasks (timetables, schedules for garden prep and clean-up, etc.)
  • Records (tracking progress)
  • Notes
  • Resources

The protector sheets are great for keeping the tags and markers that come with the plants that we’ve purchased.  This is probably a little more organization than we need, but I like having everything in one place.

Here are some other nice garden journals.

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