project table…on the prowl

I’ve been looking for a project table for my office for quite some time.  Finding the perfect table is not the hard part.  It is finding the perfect table in my price range that is a challenge.

(photo from Design Within Reach)

But at $1305 (on sale), that’s more like Design Not Within Reach.  Just a bit outside my budget.  Beautiful nonetheless.  I can always count on DWR to make me fall in love.

I always end up at Ikea and was considering this combination with a glass top and trestle legs.

I’m concerned that the trestle legs will look to busy, so now I am considering a plain white top on one of these sets of bases.  I would paint the pine base.  And more storage is never a bad thing.

Overspending does not make for happy living!  Thank heavens for Ikea. (photos from

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