put down the mouse and pick up the pen

My sister-in-law Barb is the queen of beautiful hand-written thank you notes.  Always on cute stationary or cards, her notes sometimes move me to tears (in a good way).  She even writes thank you notes for my niece (2) and nephew (5) as if they themselves were writing it, which I think is adorable and thoughtful.  Sure, it’s great to be thanked for something that you did, but in an even more basic way I love getting snail mail (that is NOT junk mail or catalogs) from friends and family, even if it’s a postcard from their travels or a note to say hello.  It’s a welcome break from constantly communicating with everyone via email and reading everything off of a computer screen.

In an effort to get back to the craft of writing, my goal for April and the following months is to send one written note per week to someone in my address book.  I have a huge box of stationary just waiting to be used thanks to my addiction to paper products.  I’ll be posting more about it on my personal blog here and posting some of the things I write.

In a true effort to keep the craft of writing alive, Felicia Sullivan (of small spiral notebook) over at her blog is challenging everyone to write letters as inspired by Samara O’Shea‘s new book For the Love of Letters: A 21st Century Guide to the Art of Letter Writing, from the Elegant to the Erotic.  There’s even a contest to win stationery and a signed copy of the book if you submit the most inspiring letter. 

Get to it people.  Go to your local or online stationer (they’re still around…and I don’t mean
Staples) and pick up a box of Crane, Kate Spade or Etsy note cards or some cute letterpress
cards.  My local favorites are The Little House Shop Stationery in
Wayne, PA (suburbs) and The Papery of Philadelphia on North 3rd (city).  My online favorites are Paper Source, Papyrus and Kate’s Paperie.  All three websites are great for both pre-made stationery and products and tools to make your own.  Or grab some scrap paper out of the trash can and write on that.  Hey, why not try out your cursive writing while you’re at it.

Funny how some things in life intersect.  I had started drafting this post a couple of weeks ago to encourage note and letter writing and to suggest keeping a letter writing box or kit handy and last Friday I received the book mentioned above in the mail from Felicia.   Here’s my stationery kit just in a pandan box that I had around the house (I think it came from Crate & Barrel for our wedding registry).


Suggested list of supplies: stamps, envelopes, paper, sets of notecards and stationery and also mix & match pieces, fun paper clips, good pens, tags, stickers, return address stamp and ink pad

Happy Writing!

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