question: does style run in the family?

Who doesn’t know who Ralph Lauren is?  I easily say he is an icon of fashion and home decor design.  My dad cut out this article for me from USA Today about Dylan Lauren (Ralph’s daughter).  Her style or should I say obsession surprised me.  Bunnies?  The photo of her living room was totally unexpected.


(both images are from USA Today)

Ralph Lauren’s style to me is sophisticated and classic.  I can’t say that bunnies come to mind when picturing sophisticated and classic style.  But I truly believe that every person is creative and should develop their own style and embrace what they love and I can’t think of a better demonstration of that than here in Dylan Lauren’s home.  Love it or hate it.  There is no denying that Ms. Lauren thinks for herself.  She’s carried that through to her very successful candy business, Dylan’s Candy Bar.  I plan to stop by the NYC location next time I’m in the city.  I never turn down a chance to try some new chocolate!

(photo from Dylan’s Candy Bar)

ps.  Thanks, Dad!

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