quilts and miniature quilts

Ever since I was in architecture school I have been mildly obsessed with quilts.  My family is not a quilting family.  We are great sewers, seamstresses and pattern makers, but unfortunately I don’t know a single quilt was ever made on either side.  My whole thesis project in my last year of school was based on the idea of the quilt as the journal of the family and how the house also became a record of the family.  I made these paper quilts early on.  It combined my obsession with quilts and paper into one activity.  I was lucky to marry INTO a quilt-making family and we have two quilts handmade by the boy’s granny and aunt.  But enough about me.

I was at the Traditional Home Show this year and came across Kate Adams’ miniature quilts.  Oh my.  They are gorgeous.  And really mini!  The designs and detail are amazing.  You should check them out.  She has a great gallery of larger and small quilts, patriotic designs, samplers and Amish patterns.  These below are either 9 inches by 9 inches or 7 inches by 9 inches.  Enjoy!






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