really, what else does a girl need when going on holiday?


I am in an odd place right now.  Sort of like walking around with a cloud around me (not necessarily a bad cloud, just there, blah).  I am feeling overwhelmingly thankful that the boy and I get to take this trip, have been able to move to this new town to a new-to-us home and for all the other countless things I have to be thankful for.  But also feeling like I can’t keep up.  Like I am not fulfilling my destiny or something.  Sometimes I make myself into a hampster in a wheel and I start to feel frustrated.

For years all I have talked about is getting my architect’s license and starting up my own studio, full time.  I finally have my license but am now in a job that I feel really content with.  Funny how life happens like that.  So maybe it’s time for a reevaluation.  I might like to see myself slow down a little bit for awhile.  Maybe not take any side jobs, just go to work, work on the house and blog.  Not be so…motivated?  Maybe that’s the wrong word.  Right now I cannot think of another.  But aren’t work, house and blog enough?  I have to stop and think about why I feel as though ‘everyone else’ has themselves so together and I am lagging behind.  I will just waste time and miss all the good things I have in my life and those things are so fleeting, aren’t they?  I hope this does not come across as self-righteous, but I tend to set really high standards for myself both personally and professionally, sometimes maybe a bit too high and always feel like I am letting everyone down.

So maybe 11 days in foreign countries will do me a whole lotta good to get away, get perspective and think?  I hope!

I always go back and forth about gushing personal stuff on here.  It’s not an outlet for my personal ramblings, but at the same time, this is me.  And lately I haven’t really felt that inspired and have been having a hard time even sitting down to write a post.  Reasons for that are most likely directly related to all the above.  I would like to get happy living back on track soon and continue discussing House Thinking and offering more architectural solutions for overcoming the short-comings of our houses and how to make them function better, solutions for any budget.

On a positive note, I applied and was appointed to our local Historic Architectural Review Board which reviews all work done on buildings within the Historic District.  Yes, another item on my plate, but I sat in at my first HARB meeting early in September and it was interesting and satisfying to feel as though I was finally giving something back to my community.

Some yumminess…this has been circulating around the ‘sphere, but in case you haven’t heard about it yet, Three Potato Four is a new online shop run by Janet and Stu from their Virginia home and is a collection of things they love both modern and vintage.
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