Last week was a blur, but I’m so glad that I got a chance to share something from House Thinking with you.  And thanks to Bethany and p.t. for their thoughts.  So interesting!  I’d love to hear from more of you if you feel compelled.

I got this chair for $10 at a strip mall ‘antique’ store in Rehoboth Beach over 4th of July.  I spent a better part of Saturday trolling the internet trying to decide which fabric to buy to recover it.  I feel strongly about Joel Dewberry’s Chesnut Branches in turquoise from Repro Depot, but haven’t made a final decision.  Any opinions?  I thought the blue and citrusy green would be a nice contrast to the warm wood color.

Today is the first day in many that the A/C is off and all the windows are open.  We are having a beautiful afternoon/evening here in the Philly area.  We haven’t had curtains in our bedroom for a really long time.  Between my dust allergies and decorating procrastination they were bottom on the list.  But when we put our house up for sale, I knew that was one of things lacking in the room.  I picked up two pairs of ‘crinkly’ shears from Kmart and it softened the whole room.

With the new house and a bigger mortgage coming down the road (very soon), we’ve been thinking and talking about money quite a bit lately.  We’ve never been on a budget, so I thought this would be a good time for us to get on one and be more fiscally responsible.  I found decent worksheets here, here and here to get started with.  I ended setting up my own though in Excel.  Not too difficult, just time consuming.

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