recent travels: Warroad, MN and Baltimore, MD

Pretty much in one weekend I made it to Warroad, Minnesota and Baltimore, Maryland.

Thursday morning I flew out to Minneapolis, took a twin-prop plane up to Warroad, spend the rest of Thursday and most of Friday touring the Marvin window factory with a bunch of other architects, then flew back down to MSP and arrived back in Philly at 12:30 AM on Saturday morning just as the boy was arriving home from Atlantic City.  I unpacked and then repacked on Saturday morning and we mozeed on down to Wilmington, DE to grab some lunch and then on to Baltimore for a one-night stay. 

Warroad is not the most exciting place on earth (neither is West Chester, PA for that matter) but the people there couldn’t be nicer and the tour of Marvin Windows was mind-blowing.  I love seeing how things are made and this was way better than the Herrs Potato Chip Factory tour.




I haven’t been to Baltimore in over 14 years.  It would be an understatement to say it has changed.  We took the water taxi around the harbor and walked around Fels Point.  We ate at an amazing tapas restaurant called Pazo in the East Harbor/Fels Point area.  Did I say it was amazing?  Sunday we slept late, had breakfast, walked over the lighthouse and headed on home.





It was actually quite amazing to be in two such distinct places in such short a period.  We have an amazingly gorgeous country and a lot to be thankful for.

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