rediscovering carrots

I have always been pretty much indifferent when it comes to carrots.  I think I just never liked how they were prepared.  But we had a bunch of them leftover from Thanksgiving and wanted to use them up the other night.  I used a frying pan that the boy had just cooked some bacon in, added some olive oil and sauteed a few cloves of fresh garlic (a staple in our house).  I cooked the carrots with some broccoli and added salt, pepper and fresh rosemary (ok maybe not so fresh, a couple of weeks old).  I think it was the rosemary that won me over.  Or it could have been the sweet carrots contrasted with the spicy chunks of garlic.  I think I love carrots now. 

I am not a gourmet chef.  I’m just a girl in a kitchen with a crooked stove but it felt great to be in the kitchen discovering something for myself.  I think I am just now (as a quasi-adult) starting to develop and embrace my own cooking style.  I also think it is very closely related to developing a decorating style.  It is something that you discover at some age (that age is different for all of us) and hopefully develop over a long period of time.  Some things are left by the wayside but some things are tried and true and stick with you.


photo by flickr member EnchantedDandelions

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