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I have to apologize for the quality of the photos.  This project (another one of my all-time favorite renovations) is from Martha Stewart Living, September 2003.  The only photos I have are directly from the article that I tore from the magazine.  And since the article was photographed by William Abranowicz himself (my all-time favorite photographer) it seems like a crime to put these pictures up in such a quality (or lack there of) but I really wanted to show this project to you and hope that you still enjoy it.


The original house, in Westchester County, NY (just north of Manhattan) was a 1940’s ranch.  Not too much to get excited over but they saw the potential both in the house and the property it sits on.


The house, after.  Still a very simple house form, but the richness of the exterior materials gives the it a solid and streamlined feel.  I love the dark window trim next to the cedar shake siding.  Also the new main entrance porch gives you a better sense of the ‘arrival’ to the home.  I also appreciate that there is not a sea of asphalt in the courtyard in front, just some crushed stone.


Before and after of the garage, turned into the office.  I could work there!


Floor plan.  Another thing I love about this renovation is that they added very little square footage to the existing house, just enough to make the spaces work a little better.


It was this article that sold me on the idea of black cabinets.  Set against the marble countertops, I think it is really elegant but family friendly, still, after 5 years.


Cubbies in the front entry and Danish modern dining table in the kitchen.


The photos hung in identical frames in the hall make it a destination, a place to linger, rather than just a space to pass through.  I love that and the simple light fixtures.  You can find similar ones here.


Living Room.  According to the article, the small jars on the shelf (left photo) contain sand from every beach that the family has traveled to.  A sweet idea.


Master Bedroom.


Home Office of Andrea Raisfeld, Bill’s wife.


I see many family dinners out on the screened-in porch!

Credits: All the photos are from the article originally published in Martha Stewart Living, September 2003 and were taken by William Abranowicz.

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