renovate! :: the new series

The short version about the new series: I want to gather and show you inspiring exterior and whole house renovation projects.  Is it that simple?  Not exactly, but that is where I am going to start and I will go from there.

The first in the series is one of my favorites and is a whole-house renovation.  What I mean by whole-house is after the renovation the house looks very different on the outside than it did before.  It is not just a room-by-room interior renovation.  Thought is given to the exterior envelope as well as all the interior rooms.  Platt Dana Architects from New York renovated Hope Dana’s Connecticut family home.   They took a banal and uninteresting home that had good ‘bones’ and was on a nice property and made it into a modern version of a 5-bay (5 windows across the front) farmhouse.  You may have seen this featured in Domino last year.

Look at the changes to the exterior of the house.  Note the different window proportions/sizes, they scrapped the bizarre brick corners for simple horizontal wood siding.  The vertical lines in the standing seam metal roof adds a bit of height to the roof.  They also recessed the front door slightly so that you have a bit of cover when entering the front.

photo from Domino article, October 2006

photo from Platt Dana Architects

Photo from Platt Dana Architects

Look for the subtle changes in the floor plan.  There are quite a few of them that when totaled together have a huge impact on the feel and function of the house.

floor plan image from Domino article

floor plan image from Domino article

And because I can’t bring myself to deprive you of great interiors… Note the simple but quality materials on the inside.  They carry the horizontal wood paneling through the house and use the same wood floors in every room to tie them together.

photo on left from Domino, photo on right from Platt Dana Architects


living room before photo from Domino

living room after photo from Platt Dana Architects


photo from Platt Dana Architects


photo from Platt Dana Architects

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