getting settled and some home favorites

The subject of an email I received yesterday from Anthropologie was "settle into September" which is so fitting for our lives right now.  That is the big question of the week, "How are you settling in?".  We’ve met most of our neighbors who are all so very nice and they all inquire about how we are making out and if we are settled yet.  A few of them have only been in their own houses for a couple of years, so the moving memories are still fresh for them.  We have lots of unpacked boxes (most of which I would like to put out on our front lawn with the word ‘FREE’ in big black letters on them) and will still have boxes well into next year I suppose.  I am not rushing to decorate.  We did get our new bamboo floor installed in the bedroom, but painting will have to wait.  I am leaving myself plenty of time to make decisions about colors and such.  And I am collecting lots of magazine pages, catalog cuts, paint swatches, etc.

Here’s the Anthropologie email…I always love the shapes of their sofas and chairs and am especially drawn to the fabrics this season.  We’re not really in the market for a new sofa but I am adding this to my file!


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