should my 200th post be something really profound…

…or should I just show you my closet that I am about to purge?


What I really miss about our other house are the closets.  We installed closet organizers in all the closets and it really helped maximize the space we had much better.  I am using this one closet you see above.  The boy is crammed into another horrible closet on the other side.  We need to share this one and use the other one for less frequently used things like dresses and heavy winter stuff.

More importantly, I want to just simply have less clothing and from now on make smarter shopping choices.  I have a lot pieces that I never wear.  I have also thankfully lost about 15 pounds over the last several months and have a few things that are too big.  I usually give my good cast-offs to the Salvation Army but I have quite a few things that I think I might try selling on ebay.  I could use the extra money. 🙂  So over Christmas and into the New Year this will be my project.

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