small living and living large

Felicia reminded me about Domino mag and I remembered that I had not yet cracked open my new issue that arrived yesterday.  Coincidentally, one of the features of April’s issue is entitled "livin’ large in a small space", the same as one of my blog categories.  They featured Michael Bargo’s 475 square foot apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  Bargo is a ‘young’ interior designer and used to be Thomas O’Brien’s (my hero) assistant!  Lucky Dog!  (This is where I smack myself again for not taking that un-paid internship with Aero)
If you don’t have a subscription, go to Domino Mag, click on "Magazine" and then click on "flip through some pages of our current issue".  You can see the first two pages of the article.  Check out the bed in the middle of his living room. (photo from Domino Mag, April 07)


On the same topic, a new-to-me blog that I absolutely love is Hygge House.  Their "Live Well.  Live Simple.  Live Hygge." mantra is right up my alley.  The latest post by ‘alex the girl’ is entitled "Small Living".

Ever since I met two Danish girls on a beach in Greece in 1996, I have been so envious and intrigued by the Danish and their more laid back approach to life.  And I’m so glad to have found a blog all about that.  BTW: "The Danish word Hygge (hu-gah) is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary everyday things simply extraordinary."  Also check out Alex’s flickr photos.  Some of my favorites!  Especially this one below.  I wish the US were more of a bicycle nation. (photo from Hygge House)

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