so not related to happy living but fun anyway

We have had some excitement in West Chester the past couple of days.  Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson have been in town filming Marley & Me.  I didn't get to see them.  Some of us have to work.  But I did get to enjoy the grid-lock while they had multiple streest closed off.


We have another celebrity (M. Night Shyamalan) who has taken up residence in the area, well, one town over, and recently finished making his latest movie. My cousin (who is designing the new HLD logo) designed some scenery pieces for the movie. The Happening comes out on Friday, June 13th.

Amk the happening designs-1


After the last couple of weeks I have had at work I have never been so excited for Memorial Day weekend (here in the States) and having one extra day off.

My to-do list:

  • Tomorrow we are installing the rest of our flooring upstairs.  I am hoping that we can get it all done in one (long) day.
  • We finally cleared and cleaned off our screened-in porch that we were using for winter firewood and coal storage.  Last night we purchased a very inexpensive ($15.99) 6' x 8' indoor/outdoor rug at Home Depot.  It doesn't look all that different from the other sisal rug I was looking at for $119.  My goal for this weekend is to bring some furniture out onto the porch and actually start using it.  I think the weather here in Philly will be good for that.
  • Some light gardening, mostly container gardening.  I have two planters in the back finished and have two in the front that need to be filled.
  • Some relaxation! and no thinking about work!


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