something to share: hope and say something nice

My desk has a window that faces the street and across the street is the 6th Precinct of West Chester's polling location at the First Presbyterian Church.  All day I have been watching the line of voters grow and shrink, grow and shrink.  And there's a bit of excitement or anticipation around the office and I suspect that productivity is not the word of the day.

Here are two things that I read today that made me feel ok with whatever the outcome will be and also the fact that I believe that there is a higher power that is in control of what is happening in our country and world.  I have gratitude that I could wait in line to vote today and I have hope.

Comfort During Fearful Times – Hope-Making by the Comfort Queen

"When we remember our fears do not define us.
Today, I cry with gratitude and hope for the ideals of our country. Flawed and dented as they may be, they are ideals each person who casts a vote today is living."

If you can't say anything nice… by CNN contributor Bob Greene (via Get Rich Slowly)

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