Spring: time to donate, sell or swap

I had some extra time at home today and thought it was a great opportunity to do some Spring closet cleaning and get some donations ready to go.  Even though it’s 30 degrees and ice is falling from the sky where I am, next week is the official start of Spring and I feel motivated to sort, organize and purge.

Specifically related to clothes, shoes and accessories, I use the rule that if I haven’t worn it in a year I try to give it away.  When it is harder to part with a certain item, I’ll put it in a ‘maybe’ pile and think about it.  Pieces that are out of style for my personal taste I also bag.  Anything damaged beyond repair goes in the trash.  Things that don’t fit for whatever reason go as well.  And items that I have just plain gotten my use out of, but might have use for someone else for awhile go too.

Whether it’s clothing, furniture or anything else, I find it much easier to part with things that I know will be reused or re-purposed.  I feel my family has been overly blessed and am thankful that we have the resources to live a comfortable life.  If I can in a way share that with someone else, I feel that it doesn’t go to waste.  I also feel lighter and less cluttered in both physical and mental ways.  The house feels more peaceful when there isn’t a lot of extra stuff lying around.

I usually give to either the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.  Both of their websites include list of what they accept and what they don’t.  There is also Dress for Success, who provides professional attire for disadvantaged women.   We give our old eyeglasses to our eye doctor who has a mailbox drop for them.  I gave a box of cell phones and related to accessories to Verizon Wireless who then gives phones to victims of domestic violence (thank you to Martha Stewart Living for that tip!).

Martha Stewart has a great and updated
list of organizations, companies and websites that accept donations of everything from books to electronics.

I have also sold nicer items through a consignment shop.  Check your local yellow pages and also consignmentshops.com.  Of course, there’s always ebay.  And now there are even walk-in places where your can drop your stuff off and they will sell everything for you on ebay for a fee, usually a percentage of the sale.  I have sold a few things on ebay and find that there are answers to all your Selling related questions if you’ve never done it before.  And don’t forget about Craigslist.org.  No experience there, although I see listings for great furniture for sale on many blogs these days.

Anyone ever Swap?  I have heard of Swapstyle, but have never participated.   It is an interesting concept.

Overall, I prefer to donate because it is the least time consuming way to get rid of unwanted wares.  There are lots of options though and sure to be one that suits you.

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