still waiting for spring over here

Today in West Chester, PA it’s been 60 degress, with torrential down pours, then sunny (with a rainbow), then we had some hail, snow flurries, 50 mph wind gusts and now it’s heading down into the 20’s tonight.  Quite a full day.  Where is spring? For some reason this year more than most I am waiting impatiently for those perfect spring days and for our last frost so that I can plant my caladium bulbs.  Friday I called out sick from work (had a multi-day headache) and the only thing I accomplished all day besides getting some much needed rest was starting a garden journal for the new-to-us garden.  There is only so much House of Babies, Bend it Like Beckham and MTV Cribs that one person can endure when not watching the inside of ones eyelids.









I had all this stuff in a binder (yea, I’m a binder freak like that) but it was too rigid.  I think this is more free and condusive to creativity.  I left some room around some of the clippings to make notes like where to plant some of the flowers.  I got this idea from the current issue of Country Home and also thinking about Victoria’s inspiration journals.


Are you guys excited about gardening this season?  Planning on planting or growing anything new?  I am actually planning on doing quite a bit of container gardening this year since I would like to see what comes up in the planting beds first before I start tearing stuff up.  Container gardening is great if you have very little or no yard.  I actually enjoy it more because it can feel more manageable.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.  It’s quiet here since the boy is in Utah on business.  Yesterday was such a bust with my quasi-migraine but today was better.  For breakfast I made scrambled eggs with cut up bits of tortilla that I sauteed in oil first.  I added a little salsa to the eggs and some seasonings.  I got the idea from Nigella Express but for the life of me I can’t find the recipe.  It was yum.  I am going to try it out on the boy when he gets back.

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