When we are in Park City next week we have one day off from skiing and I hope to get to visit the Sundance Resort in Sundance, Utah.  Ok, I admit that I do have a huge crush on Robert Redford, but I have also heard wonderful things about Sundance.  Redford bought Timphaven from the Stewart family in 1969 and instead of filling the canyon with a bunch of condos he instead saw it as an opportunity for environmental conservation (the 5000 acre Sundance Preserve) and a great place for celebration of art.  This is right from their website:

"People here come from all walks of life, but one belief is shared: our community should represent who we are and what we believe. Sundance is an arts community, a recreational community, a community of people who appreciate the beauty of nature and feel the responsibility to preserve it. We want to help you find those elements of the Sundance experience which will most meet your needs and your dreams. As you’ll see, Sundance has many shapes, many moods, and many possibilities. Somewhere in our community awaits an experience which belongs to you and we are committed to helping you find it."

I can’t wait and hopefully I’ll have some good stuff to share with you.  Along with the beautiful mountains I hope to get to see the Sundance General Store, the inspiration for the Sundance Catalog.  I love the mixture of arts and crafts, rustic but refined furniture, lots of unique and beautiful pieces and of course great things to celebrate film.  I am not a jewelry person, but I go nuts for some of their necklaces.


There is definitely a universal appeal to these vintage cameras and film reels.


A recycled pickle barrel bed would be quite a conversation piece and I love these quilts.


and my inner biker-chick would love these boots.


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