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  1. I am half Italian (mother) and half Irish (father).  I consider it the best of both worlds and it makes for a very passionate family.  The Italian-Irish combination is actually very common in the Philadelphia area, mainly the city and Delaware County since so many immigrated here at the turn of the century.
  2. Although we didn’t really have an online relationship, my husband and I did initially meet on Yahoo!.  At the time we worked a block and a half away from each other.  Now we’re only one block away.  But we still hardly ever eat lunch together.  Too expensive.
  3. One day I would like to run a small book/coffee shop in a small town (maybe West Chester!!).
  4. I love to organize things from closets to pieces of paper.  All of our closets have Closetmaid organizers in them.  I highly recommend them.
  5. I can never have enough paper: stationery, scraps of paper, sheets of paper, envelopes, notepads, notebooks, organizers, cards.  When my Palm T2 died I was weirdly relieved to be able to go back to using my Filofax.  I also make a lot of my own cards and think about starting a little side business someday.
  6. I worked at Little Caesar’s pizza for part of a summer after high school and won a pizza-making contest.
  7. I can spread my toes really far apart and it freaks out my husband.
  8. I love flip flops.  I wish I lived in California or somewhere tropical so that I could wear flip flops everyday of the year.  A few years ago I bought a pair from J.Crew and I still have them.  Very durable!

I tag…
Marisa of Creative Thursday because I love her paintings
Mary Beth because I love her paintings as well
Linda of Little Flower Designs because I love her ceramics
Felicia because she’s just cool.. Check out her BlogHer recaps.  Good stuff.
Lynn of 63 Flying Cloud because I covet her Airstream
Erin of Blossom Creations because she makes beautiful things
and Bethany because we’re neighbors!

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