The Green Garmento

We used to frequent the drycleaners quite a bit especially for the boy's work shirts.  Now that I am not working full-time outside of the home and the boy has since switched to wash-and-wear suit shirts we make less trips to the cleaners and environmentally I think it's proabably best.  I still have my work and wool pants dry cleaned occasionaly and I use Dryel in between to freshen them up.  And there are just some things the drycleaners do much better than I do such as pressing (boy do they get those pant creases sharp!) and hemming.  And we always like to say hello to our friendly drycleaning lady.

I had the opportunity to try out The Green Garmento 4-in-1 reuseable garment bag for our last trip to the drycleaners.

DSCN3863 We hung it on the back of our bedroom door and filled it up as items needed to be cleaned.  It has a pretty heavy duty hook on the back. 

DSCN3869 Once we were ready to drop the clothes off the carrying strap came in handy as I had the bag across my shoulder and carried Kheri at the same time to and from the car.  It has a drawstring on the open end to keep all the clothes inside.

DSCN3872And when I picked up my clothes, the drycleaner returned them to me in the bag.  No plastic!


There's even a little pouch in the front for the slip or receipt.

The Green Garmento retails for $9.99 and if you make multiple trips to the drycleaners each year it would really cut down on the amount of plastic going into a landfill (like those reuseable shopping bags do for your grocery store visits!).  And I liked having an out of the way place to put the drycleaning as it was piling up.  Check with your local cleaners to see if they'd be willing to use them.

Full Disclosure (so I don't get sued):  This item was given to me for free to try out.  I may from time to time review items that I think I or my readers would like.  I won't give a good review to something I don't think deserves it.  That's not helpful to anyone, especially to you guys (the readers).  In general I don't make money from this blog and I don't make money whether or not you buy this item.  Reviews are just a way to show you something new.  Any questions, email me.

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