the spending hiatus : 2 week update

I'm a little tardy due to being a little under the weather but here goes.

Things I (we) bought: contact lenses, groceries, chinese takeout on Friday (limited to eating dinner out once per week), I had lunch with a friend on Sunday so that was a non-essential, although spending quality time with friends is essential, and we (the boy and I) ate lunch together yesterday here and the new rule for that is once per week for eating lunch out.  Today I brought my lunch.  Cosi has been calling my name.

It has been neither easy nor difficult.  Somewhere in between I guess.  On one hand, it is freeing as Joslyn said, but on the other I do notice my small internal battles that go on when I am feeling the 'need' to shop either brick and mortar or online.  I found myself thinking about going into stores as I was passing by them on the street but then reminding myself that not only am I on a hiatus but I also DO NOT NEED ANYTHING.

I would say, online shopping is probably where I have the potential to struggle more.  It is soo easy.  I have an email account where I get all the shop emails, coupons, flyers, etc.  Anthropologie has some nice stuff on sale, did ya know?  And I got a coupon from Hable Construction.  I have actually started unsubscribing to most of the emails I get just so I don't have to look at them (which is a lot harder than one would imagine!).

I have been surprised at the snippets of time that I have seemed to gain by not shopping, even online.  But my mind is also clearer and that might be why I feel like I have more time.  The other benefit of doing this is my rate of bringing new stuff into the house is going down so that when I start bringing things to Goodwill (you should see the pile of crap in my basement) I will be able to see the difference at home.  Before I think my rate on 'in' and 'out' were pretty close.  I am looking forward to some winter/spring decluttering!

Big Picture:  For the last couple of years I have been longing more and more to live a simpler life, not because it is enviromentally friendly or politically correct or trendy to talk about right now, but because I believe it will be beneficial in countless ways for my little family.  I haven't defined for myself exactly what 'simple' means yet, but I think this exercise will help me in many aspects, mainly in identifying what is really important to me and that being happy comes from inside.

I'll leave it at that for now. 😉

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