the spending hiatus : week 10 update (and other stuff)

"Finding creative ways to buy things" is what this blog post title should be.  I bought two sweaters from Banana Republic this week, deeply discounted, and I offset the costs with a gift card and a few books that I recently sold on Amazon.

I had a color epiphany after helping a client out at her house on Thursday and ordered some paint samples for our bedroom.  I just have to wait until tax season is over to disrupt the bedroom with a big paint project.  But I am READY!  Or at least getting there.  I consider this an 'in between' purchase, not essential but not non-essential.

I also ordered new cabinet pulls for the kitchen.  I am hoping that will help me 'love' my kitchen a bit more.  This is also an 'in between' purchase.

We're still not on a budget as far as home decorating and renovating spending goes.  Well, we're still not on a budget for anything.  But I am gearing up for it, I swear.  Because life after hiatus I imagine might be a tiny bit like getting out of rehab and trying to re-enter the world.  (This is in no way meant to make light of addiction of any kind.)  I need to find my/our balance between the spending hiatus and where I was before.

One thing I can say is that after these 10 weeks of supposedly denying myself lots of stuff, I don't feel ANY LESS FULFILLED as a person than I did before.  I have the same ups and down in my days or weeks as I did before.  I am just as happy.  I am just as stressed (at times).  And there are times when I feel like I have even gotten away from feeling as though I am being denied anything and more like I have somewhat separated myself emotionally from shopping and am just being A LOT more thoughtful about the purchases I do make.  Do I REALLY want that grain sack pillow?  Where will it go and how will it go with everything else I currently have?  Will I still love it years from now?  Trust me, there are still days when I'd like to run blindfolded through Target, running my hands along the shelves, emptying lots of yummy stuff into my cart.  There are just less of those days.

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